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Planting Milkweed to Restore Monarch Habitat

We are pleased to offer free Milkweed seeds through our partnership with the Live Monarch Foundation. Monarch Butterflies are in danger of losing their seasonal migration that takes them from the northern plains to Mexico. Climate change, deforestation, and invasive species have destroyed much of the native habitat required for Monarchs, and the population has declined by over 90% over 20 years.

The good news is that we can make a difference by planting milkweed in our gardens, backyards, parks, and other permitted areas. Milkweed provides a place for Monarchs to lay eggs as well as food for the hungry caterpillars. Even a small patch of Milkweed can make a big difference to help maintain Monarch populations for generations. A self-addressed stamped envelope gets you 15 free seeds, enough to start a small Milkweed patch this spring. And for just a few dollars you can get a hundred seeds or more–at discounted prices, and with a portion of proceeds benefiting GreenSpace.

Click here to get your free Milkweed seeds!

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Juniata Farmers Market

We had our first day of sales last Friday at the Juniata Farmers Market in Altoona, PA, and we completely sold out! We thank everyone for the warm reception, and we look forward to returning to the Juniata indoor market on February 27th.

We will also be attending the Taste of the Alleghenies in Duncansville, PA on Saturday, February 28th. We’ll have microgreens for sample and sale, and we’re looking forward to meeting various chefs in the region.

Edit (2/23): Last week’s cold snap unfortunately delayed our germination rates, so our next day at market will be March 6th.