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Fall and Winter

The summer farmers’ markets may be over, but GreenSpace is still in production. Our plans for the colder months will keep you stocked up on the microgreens, salads, and wheatgrass you love all season long.

News and Updates

Research & Development

GreenSpace is excited to announce that it will be opening an indoor aquaponics facility in Clayton, Delaware in collaboration with the Ceballos Lab at University of Arkansas Department of Biology. Aquaponics is a portmaneau of the words “hydroponics” and “aquaculture.” Fish and plants grow in a closed loop system that simulates the nutrient cycling of natural environments, where the fish waste provides fertilizer for the plants and the plants cleanse the water for the fish. We will be producing Blue Tilapia, buttercrunch lettuce, and Chlorella, and construction is scheduled to begin sometime in February.

In addition to aquaponics, our Tyrone, PA facility will be starting a production scale hydroponic system with plans to grow lettuce, herbs, and edible flowers. Construction of this system should begin in February 2017 as well.