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Beat Winter Blues with Winter Greens!

Greetings, microgreen lovers! It may be chilly out there, but we are still growing your favorite micros year round. Give us a call if you have a sudden craving for salad!

We have a lot of new things on the horizon. First off, we are in the process of becoming Certified Organic! It’s a long process but we hope to see that conclude by the summer if all things go smoothly. Another bit of news is that the hydroponic lettuce production is going very well, and we should have that to market soon.

Lastly, our aquaponics system in Delaware has been built. Currently we are not growing anything in it or raising any fish because we are waiting to make sure we establish the nitrogen cycle in it first. If you want to watch a video about it, check out our Youtube Channel.

As always, you can buy our microgreens online through Friends and Farmers, or you can order a subscription directly from us!