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Our Sunflower Grow Kit Now Comes with Lessons

Our sunflower grow kit now has a complementary lesson plan!

This workbook contains two lessons, “The Five Needs of Plants” and “Biodegradability” and is meant to be used with the GreenSpace Sunflower Grow Kit. Comes FREE with the purchase of 10 kits.

Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards.

The purpose of Learn and Grow Sustainably is to teach students of all ages to appreciate the interaction between humans, plants, and the environment. Our Sunflower Grow Kit is fully compostable and allows students to witness the growth of an edible food product within 10 days. This lesson plan series will help students to learn about plant growth, nutrition, and physiology as well as a little bit of materials science through experiments on our kit’s compostable plastic container. These topics are important for fostering a sense of environmental stewardship for a more sustainable future.

The activities in this two part lesson series are optimized for grades 3-5 and are aligned with the science standards for that grade band. However, this lesson can be adapted to suit K-2, Middle School, High School, and Adult Education by aligning the lessons to similar standards at different grade levels.

Here are some images from the workbook if you’d like to take a look through it.


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Behold, Nitrates!

Presenting, the latest water tests. It looks like nitrites are really high now, so I am hoping this means there will be enough substrate for nitrite-to-nitrate converting bacteria to do their thing. There’s a slight sign of nitrates forming. The color is somewhere between the “zero” color and the 5 ppm color, hence the “2.5 ppm” designation. This is obviously not a precise test, so take my numbers with a grain of salt.

It looks as though ammonia is still quite high, which is annoying. Right now, the nitrite and ammonia concentrations of my system mean I definitely cannot consider putting fish or plants in there yet. I recently learned that nitrites are bad for plants – which is great to know BEFORE adding the plant side. I’ve ordered supplies for that already but now I’m going to sit on them until nitrite levels start dropping.

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Finally Seeing Signs of Nitrites!

I’m excited to report that I am finally seeing a faint sign of nitrites! The picture below shows that instead of that nice bright blue, it is now a purplish blue. It’s not quite purple enough to be considered the next level up on the scale, but it’s definitely less blue than it’s been for months. There is hope after all! I added another dose of QuickStart as a last ditch effort to “help out” the culture. It may not be doing anything, but it also can’t hurt.

To compare colors, see the previous post.