We at GreenSpace are committed to pushing the frontiers of knowledge to improve our understanding of plant growth, agriculture techniques, renewable energy, vermiculture, aquaculture, and systems automation. We make every effort to ensure that our growing practices and nutritional information are consistent with the latest scientific research.

We also engage in our own basic research by using our efficient growing system to conduct experimental scientific studies for publication in peer-reviewed journals. We are particularly interested in how variations in growing conditions for various plant species–including everything from soil consistency to light attenuation–can advance our knowledge about topics ranging from sustainable strategies for civilization’s future to improved methods for growing food for astronauts on space stations.

Modulated Lighting

Recent advances in LED and Microchip technologies allow us to research and develop new practices for sustainable farming. Currently we are working on a computer controlled LED light system to ensure optimal, yet energy efficient growth of our crops. It is our belief that the use of easily accessible and Open Source technology is vital to achieving global sustainability. We are designing experiments to investigate the importance of light and color cycles for crop yield and quality.

Stellar Spectra

The sun provides the main source of energy for plants on Earth, but planets orbiting other stars will experience difference distributions of spectral energy. We are developing customized lighting in order to investigate the effect of the type of starlight on plant growth and quality, and we are particularly interested in recreating the light distribution from smaller orange and red dwarf stars that are targets for upcoming astronomical planet-finding missions.

Earth System Science Research

The Blue Marble Space Institute of Science is a research institute with an interdisciplinary approach to studying the relationship between Earth system science, space exploration, and the future of humanity. Proceeds from GreenSpace help to support the research and outreach efforts of BMSIS scientists.

Astrobiology Education is a social and collaborative space for those interested in space sciences, astrobiology, space exploration, Earth system science, sustainability, science communication, and science (STEM) mentoring. Proceeds from GreenSpace help to support the outreach and mentoring programs of SAGANet.