Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Many consumers today want to avoid GMO crops because of concerns about safety, ideological differences of opinion on intellectual property, and the desire to keep the food system out of the hands of large agricultural chemical companies. We at GreenSpace understand and hear your concerns loud and clear.

All of our products are non-GMO.

Genetically modified organisms are a hot topic of discussion in food and agricultural circles. A GMO crop is one that has been modified in a laboratory to contain a gene that it would not otherwise contain. Scientists use this technology to improve crops – to make them pest, disease, or herbicide resistant, to make them drought tolerant, or have a longer shelf life. It is a directed, sped up version of the natural process of humans affecting crops over centuries through selective breeding.

We don’t necessarily hold the opinion that GMOs are inherently a bad thing, as biotechnology has the potential to solve problems all over the world where crops are not suited to our changing environment. They are among the most extensively tested crops on the market and are regulated by three government agencies. Norman Borlaug, a hero among agronomists, is a proponent of genetically modified organisms as part of the whole sustainability picture. We at GreenSpace understand that this is a complicated issue and want to be able to meet our customers’ needs as well as contribute to a more sustainable future.

None of the microgreen or lettuce varieties that we grow have a GMO variant. They simply do not exist. The official list of GMO crops in circulation is available here.

Most GMO crops are commodity crops – wheat, corn, soy, sugarcane, sugar beats, potatoes, cotton, and tobacco. There are GMO tomatoes, apples, and squash on the market, as well as a GMO papaya that was developed to be resistant to a virus that devastated the papaya industry in Hawaii. Feel free to peruse the list linked above in order to inform yourself of the crops that are in fact genetically modified if you are attempting to avoid such crops.

No matter how you feel about GMO crops, you can be assured that we do not produce them at GreenSpace. We want to keep bringing you the delicious, organically grown microgreens that you love, without the worry. Do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or concerns.

A diagram explaining how genetic engineering works. Click the image to enlarge.